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Nutrivant Plus (Tm) pumpkin 6-16-31 + 2MgO + 0.5B + 0.7Mn + 0.1Zn + 0.01Cu + 0.4Fe + 0.005Mo + FV bag 25kg
grain 6-23-35 + 1MgO + 1.5S + 0.2Mn + 0.1B + 0.05Fe + 0.2Zn + 0.2Cu + 0.002Mo + FV
potatoes 0-43-28 + 2MgO + 0.5B + 0.2Mn + 0.2Zn + FV
corn 6-37-5.4 + 4.8MgO + 3.4Zn + FV
oilseeds 0-20-33 + 1MgO + 7.5S + 1.5B + 0.5Mn + 0.02Zn + 0.001Mo + FV
nightshade 6-18-37 + 2MgO + 0.02B + 0.04Mn + 0.02Zn + 0.005Cu + 0.08Fe + 0.005Mo + FV
fruitful 12-5-27 + 8CaO + 0.1B + 0.1Mn + 0.2Zn + 0.1Fe + FV
Solyukat Plus (Tm) 0-16-34+2MgO+5S+TE 0-16-34 + 2MgO + 5S + 2B + 0.02Cu + 1Mn + 0.02Mo + FAA + SF bag 25kg
0-19-37+0,35MgO+TE 0-19-37 + 0.35MgO + 2B + 0.02Cu + 1Fe + 0.02Mo + FAA + SF
0-40-28+0,4MgO+1S+2B 0-40-28 + 0.4 MgO + 1S + 2B + FAA + SF
8-8-33+0,5MgO+1S+TE 8-8-33 + 0.5MgO + 1S + 2B + 1Mn + FAA + SF
microcat grain start 4-6-2 + 0.4Fe + 0.2Mn + 02Zn + amino acids + polysaccharides 5liters
25 liters
oilseeds 3-1-12 + 0.4CaO + 1B + 0.4Fe + 0.1Mn + 0.02Zn + 0.01Cu + 0.01Mo + + amino acids 5 liters
25 liters
boron (B) 3.8-0-0 + 7B + amino acids 5 liters
iron (Fe) 1,3-0-0 + 8Fe + amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
calcium (Ca) 6,5-0-0 + 14 CaO + amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
25 liters
calciumboron (Ca-B) 6.5-0.0 + 7.9 CaO + 2.8B + amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
magnesium (Mg) 6.2-0-0 + 10MgO + amino acids 1 liter
mix 2-0-0 + 3MgO + 0.3B + 4.5Fe + 1Mn + 2.1Zn + amino acids 5 liters
25 liters
zinc (Zn) 5,5-0-0 + 10Zn + amino acids 5 liters
zinc-manganese (Zn-Mn) 8.8-0-0 + 11.7Zn + 7.3Mn + amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
25 liters
zinc-boron (Zn-B) 2.5-0-0 + 6.4Zn + 2.5V + amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
AMINOKAT 30% 3-1-1 + 30 amino acids 1 liter
5 liters
25 liters



cobalt-molybdenum (Co-Mo) * for roots of legumes (foliar, as well as pre-sowing treatment of seeds) 5 liters
growth 6-4-3 + 0.3B + 0.2Fe + 0.07Mn + 0.02Zn + 0.01Cu + 0.01Mo + amino acids + polysaccharides 1 liter
5 liters
25 liters
start * 4-8-3 + 0.3B + 0.1Fe + 0.02Zn + amino acids + polysaccharides 1 liter
5 liters
boron (B) 0-0-0+15В 5 liters
  potassium (K)  0-0-50 1 liter
5 liters
potassium-silicon (K-Si) 0-0-20+13Si 1 liter
5 liters
ATLANTE (phosphate-potassium fertilizer with fungicidal effect) 0-30-20 1 liter
5 liters
ATLANTE Plus 0-18-16 + salicylic acid + betaine 1 liter
5 liters
RAZORMIN 4-4-3 + 0.1B + 0.4Fe + 0.1Mn + 0.0885Zn + 0.02 + Cu + 0.01Mo + amino acids + polysaccharides + organic matter 1 liter
PHYTOMARE 5,5-3-3,5 + 0,35B + 0,2Mo + amino acids + algae extract (15%) 1 liter
5 liters
FLORON 1-10-10 + 0.25V + 0.2Mo + amino acids + cysteine + organic matter 1 liter
5 liters
IKAR NB 5-17 (nitrogen boron suspension) 5-0-0+12B 10 liter

FAA + fulvah and amino acids

FV – sticking agent “Fertivant”

SF – sticking agent “Surfactant”

* – also used for presowing seed treatment and root nutrition of crops

** – also used for root feeding in drip irrigation systems


For root feeding and drip irrigation

Make Components Packing unit
Nurtivant DRIP 11-8-35+3CaO 11-8-35+3CaO

bag 25kg

12-6-28+7,4CaO+МЕ 12-6-28+7,4Ca+0,08Fe+0,04Mn+0,02Zn+0,003Cu+0,002Mo
11-9-34+3MgO+МЕ 11-9-34+3MgO+2,4S+0,08Fe+0,04Mn+0,04Zn+0,005Cu+0,005Mo

Cereals occupy most of the areas throughout Ukraine and are one of the most important crops at each farm. Therefore, in mineral nutrition, they have a special role and attention. Winter and spring crops of cereals are most widely represented. And each crop has its own special aspects of the nutrition.

The vegetation period of spring crops is shorter than winter crops, and the removal of food elements with a yield is the same for them. Consequently, spring cereals consume nutrition elements in a shorter time, in other words, they are characterized by a high intensity of absorption of the nutrition elements. Therefore, they need to provide mineral nutrition, for this purpose the foliar feeding of water-soluble fertilizers containing nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and the necessary trace elements will be very useful; You can use the series “Nutrivan Plus”, “Solyukat”, “Microcat”. Their high mobility and accessibility for taking can significantly improve the performance of the future harvest.

Winter cereals in comparison with spring cereals have a very long period of consumption of nutrients, beginning in autumn and ending the next year to the flowering phase. Thanks to the developed root system, they use the autumn and spring moisture well.

To form a root system of the crops, we recommend using Raikat fertilizer, for seed treatment and at the initial stages of development.

In the first period, winter crops show increased requirements for phosphorus-potassium nutrition, which contributes to the powerful development of the root system and to tillering, the accumulation of sugars, which is important for a good overwintering. During this period, winter crops should be reasonably provided with nitrogen, because increased nitrogen nutrition lowers the resistance of plants to wintering. Successful wintering is facilitated by supplementary foliar fertilizing with water-soluble fertilizers, which will eliminate and compensate the lack of nutrients and microelements, form and activate plant protective mechanisms for better wintering. In order to overcome stress and resume growth soon after winter, and after and before any predictable stress, the use of water-soluble fertilizers “Aminokat 30”, “Floron”, and “Atlanta” can help prevent the harmful effects of stress.

Oilseeds, such as sunflower, are very demanding to soil fertility and mineral nutrition. The period of assimilation of nutrients is longer, and therefore, in order to produce a crop, it requires relatively more fertilizers in comparison with cereals. Like other “borophilic” crops, sunflower needs balanced nutrition with boron and other necessary micro, macro elements, here on the proceeds to the agronomist will come “Microcat”, “Nutrivant Plus Oilseed”.

Also, the use of water-soluble fertilizers is relevant and necessary for vegetable growing, where the main emphasis is placed on them, both on root fertilization and on sheet processing. Vegetable cultures have their own characteristics, so it must be taken into account when designing a nutrition program. It should be kept in mind, that they are more demanding on the soil fertility. Within a short time, the crop grows and forms, which is impossible without a well-developed root system, full-fledged mineral nutrition and a sufficient number of easily accessible micro and macro elements. To obtain high yields, it is wise to use water-soluble fertilizers in the initial stages, which contribute to the rapid development of the root system, the growth of the ground mass and the formation of a strong healthy plant. Therefore, the use of fertilizers from the Raikat series at the initial stage of seed development and processing is fully justified. As an activator of flowering and fruiting, “FLORON” is applicable. And to ensure nutrition in the process of growth and formation of the harvest – Nutrivant Plus, Nutrivant Drip, Solyukat Plus and Solyukat Drip, as well as Atlanta and Kelik Kaliya. To reduce the stressful consequences (after freezing, drought, etc.), it is recommended to use “Aminokat 30”, “Fitomare”. The use of water-soluble fertilizer improves the palatability of vegetables, increase the size and weight of the fruit, as well as improve their keeping quality and presentation.

Possessing high availability and mobility of nutrients contained in water-soluble fertilizers, as well as their unique compositions and properties, they find their application in modern gardening. When in a short period of time it is necessary not only to form the tree itself, the garden, but also to obtain a predictable stable crop. Application of fertilizer “Raikat Start” for the processing of seedlings before planting contributes to the development of a powerful root system. During the spring frosts and dry periods of hot summer, a special water-soluble fertilizer “Aminokat 30”, “Fitomare” will help to preserve the fruits and garden. The water-soluble fertilizer “Solyukat Plus”, “Nutrivant Plus” fully meet the physiological needs in the nutrition of fruit crops. Fertilizer activator “Floron” is able to significantly increase the yield, activating the flowering and contributing to a greater number of fruits. Feeding the garden with water-soluble fertilizers “Microcat” will help to eliminate the deficit of micro and macro elements.

For any agricultural plant and at various stages of its growth, we will help you to find the right product for the high-quality and rich harvest!