Potassium nitrate

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Potassium nitrate KNO3 is a double complex fertilizer for various soils, especially for chlorine sensitive crops (flax, potatoes, tobacco, grapes). The composition includes nitrogen (N-NO3) -13%, potassium (K2O) – 46%.

Effective nitrogen-potassium water-soluble fertilizer for additional fertilization of vegetable, fruit, flower and ornamental crops.

It is a very good form of potassium fertilizer for potatoes and cabbage. Additional fertilization of these crops is carried out with mounding, when the tops are already well developed and it is necessary to avoid excess nitrogen – in this case potassium nitrate is an effective fertilizer, because in its composition nitrogen is 3.5 times less than potassium. Prospective application of potassium nitrate for greenhouse crops, its use reduces the total concentration of salts in the nutrient solution. Easily soluble.

Item Standard for the grade
A A1 B C
1. Appearance White crystals with a yellowish-gray tinge
2. Mass fraction of potassium nitrate,%, not less than 99,90 99,90 99,90 99,85
3. Mass fraction of water,%, not more than 0,08 0,08 0,08 0,1
4. Mass fraction of chloride salts in terms of NaCl,%, not more than 0,017 0,017 0,017 0,03
5. Mass fraction of carbonates in terms of K2CO3,%, not more than 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01
6. Mass fraction of insoluble precipitate in water,%, not more than 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,03
7. Mass fraction of substances oxidized by potassium permanganate in terms of KNO2,%, not more than 0,01 0,01 0,01 0,01
8. Mass fraction of calcium and magnesium salts in terms of Ca,%, not more than 0,002 0,002 0,002 0,002
9. Mass fraction of iron,%, not more than 0,001 0,001 0,005
10. Mass fraction of copper,%, not more than 0,0001
11. Mass fraction of cobalt,%, not more than 0,000005
12. Mass fraction of manganese,%, not more than 0,0005
13. Mass fraction of chromium,%, not more than 0,0005 0,0005
14. Mass fraction of vanadium,%, not more than 0,001
15. Mass fraction of nickel,%, not more than 0,0002
16. Granulometric composition:
The rest on a sieve No. 1K according to GOST 6613-86,%
The rest on a sieve No. 01K according to GOST 6613-86,%, not less than

17. Product friability,%, not less than 100
18. Mass fraction of sulfonol,% 0,05-0,10

The use of potassium nitrate (potassium nitrate) facilitates to optimizing the water-absorbing force of the roots, balancing the rate of respiration and photosynthesis, and improving the structure of plant tissues. The resistance of plants to unfavorable environmental conditions increases.

Optimum conditions of potassium nutrition, the aligned ratio of elements in the plant, especially nitrogen and potassium, ensures the receiving of such qualitative parameters as the appearance of root crops and fruits, reduces their cracking, and increases yield.

Fertilizer is used as a solution for root and foliar dressings. For foliar dressing 1.5 – 2% water solution is used. The solution is sprayed onto the leaves using a sprayer.