Potassium chloride

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Potassium chloride, KCl – a white finely crystalline salt, which has some hygroscopicity.

Potassium chloride provides a soil fertility increase and proper potassium nutrition, so plants better tolerance of drought and frost, yields and quality of agricultural products increase and also their safety during transportation and storage.

characteristic traits of a lack of potassium – marginal burn of leaves, their lethargy and drooping, fragility and lodging of plants, a violation of flowering and fruiting.

Fertilizer is applied as the main fertilizer in autumn or early spring (2-4 weeks before planting) during soil digging.

Item Parameter
1. Appearance Granules of irregular shape of various shades of red-brown color
2. Mass fraction of potassium  calculated as K2O,% Not less than 60
3. Mass fraction of water,% Not less than 0.5
4. Granulometric composition,% From 1 to 4 mm: not less than 95 less than 1 mm: Not more than 5
5. Dynamic strength,% Not less than 80
6. Friability,% 100

It is used for the main sowing application on all basic types of soils for vegetable crops and potatoes, perennial fruit and berry plantings and ornamental crops.

Use of potassium chloride is effective on soils of light mechanical composition (sandy soils, sandy loam, light loam), as well as peaty soils.