Sulphoammophos NPS-18:18:16

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Sulfoammophos NPS 18:18:16 is a mineral fertilizer, which is a universal water-soluble granular nitrogen-phosphorus product.

Nitrogen in sulfoammophos is presented in ammonium form, due to this fact it weakly flushes and promotes more intensive absorption of phosphate ions by plant roots. Sulfoammophos includes also sulfur, which contributes to increasing the percentage of gluten in wheat, the content of oil in sunflower, soybeans and rapeseed. It contains also such important elements for the life of plants as calcium and magnesium of 0.5% each.

Sulfoammophos isn’t caked, non-hygroscopic, has an even particle size distribution, doesn’t dust.

Item Parameter
Total nitrogen (N), % 18
Mass fraction of total phosphates (Р2О5), % 18
Mass fraction of sulphate (S), %, not less 16
Water content, % 1

mass fraction of granules:

less than 1 mm , % 3
from 2 mm to 5 mm, % 90
less than 6 mm
Static strength of granules, MPa, (kgs/cm2) 3,0 (30)
Friability, %, not less 100

Sulfoammophos applied on all types of soils and for all crops as basic, sowing application, and also for top dressing of plants. It can be used in conditions of protected soil together with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

Any brands of fertilizer blends are prepared on the basis of sulphoammophos.