Ammophos 10:46

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Ammophos (monoammonium phosphate or MAP) 10:46 is a concentrated complex phosphorus-nitrogen fertilizer. It’s obtained by neutralizing orthophosphoric acid with ammonia. It mainly consists of monoammonium phosphate NH4H2PO4 and partially diammonium phosphate (NH4)2HPO4, which contains 10% N and 46% P2O5. Ammophos containing nitrogen and phosphorus in a well-assimilated form.

Ammophos is low-digestible and belongs to the group of hardly soluble phosphate fertilizers. This compound, which does not dissolve in water, is very poorly soluble in weak acids and completely dissolved only in sulfuric or nitric acid (strong acids).

As a rule, ammophos is used in those climatic zones where plants do not require a large amount of nitrogen, and have an acute need in phosphorus on the contrary. These include arid areas. This fertilizer is economically effective on different types of soils. The greatest effect is achieved by the joint use of ammophos with nitrogen-containing fertilizers, for example, ammonium nitrate. Insertion of these fertilizers can contribute to an increase in yield by as much as 20-40%. Difficult-soluble fertilizers should be applied as deep as possible into the soil, closer to the roots of crops, since they can’t penetrate with water into the lower layers independently.

Item Parameter
Total nitrogen (N), %, not less 10±1
Mass fraction of total phosphates (Р2О5), %, not less 46±1
Water content, %, not more 1,0
less than 1 mm, %, not more 5
from 1 до 4 mm, %, not less 90
More than 6 mm, % 100
Static strength of granules, MPa (kgs/cm2), not less 3,0 (30)
Friability, %, not less 100

Ammophos 10:46 is used as the main fertilizer or for various plants feeding. It influences well the growth and maturation of wheat, barley, sugar beet and other crops. The dosage is directly proportional to the composition of the soil and depends on the amount of phosphorus present in it. Ammophos suitable for all climatic zones. During sowing of spring barley ammophos is most effective when applied together with nitrogen 1: 1.

Timely introduction of this fertilizer provides protection of the root system and increases frost resistance of plants, accelerates the process of fruit formation and ripening, increases their quality characteristics during storage. Ammophos is an indispensable component in the production of fertilizer blends, it’s used in a number of industries as industrial raw materials.