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Ammophos (monoammonium phosphate or MAP) 12:52 – concentrated complex phosphate-nitrogen fertilizer. It’s obtained by neutralizing orthophosphoric acid with ammonia. It mainly consists of monoammonium phosphate NH4H2PO4 and partially diammonium phosphate (NH4)2HPO4. Ammophos is a highly concentrated fertilizer containing nitrogen and phosphorus in a well-assimilated form. 100 kg of ammophos replaces at least 250 kg of simple superphosphate and 35 kg of ammonium nitrate. The ratio of components in ammophos 12:52 is considered standard and most effective. Despite the fact that there is a small amount of nitrogen in the fertilizer, it is one of the most important and economically profitable fertilizing.

Ammophos is low-digestible and belongs to the group of hardly soluble phosphate fertilizers. These compounds, which do not dissolve in water, are very poorly soluble in weak acids and completely dissolved only in sulfuric or nitric acid (strong acids). Difficult soluble compounds are used exclusively on acidic soils. Insertion of this fertilizer into the soil made in advance, mixing well than plants absorb phosphorus in this case only after its reaction with acid from the soil. If ammophos inserted in advance in large doses it will help plants for several consecutive years on which water-soluble compounds are incapable. Difficult soluble fertilizers should be applied as deep as possible into the soil, closer to the roots of crops since they can’t penetrate with water into the lower layers independently.

The disadvantage of ammophos is that it contains much less nitrogen than phosphorus, whereas in practice they are most often applied in equal doses. Therefore, to obtain a normal ratio of N and P2O5 to ammophos it’s necessary to add a certain amount of one-way nitrogen fertilizer – NH4NO3 or CO(NH2)2. When these fertilizers are applied before sowing under cotton and winter crops they can be used without addition of nitrogen fertilizers since in this case the lack of nitrogen is compensated by the introduction of nitrogen fertilizers into top-dressing.

Item Parameter
Mass fraction of assimilable phosphate (Р2О5), %, not less 52
Mass fraction of water-soluble phosphates (Р2О5), %, not less 48
Total nitrogen (N), %, not less 12
Water content, %, not more 1,0

mass fraction of granules:

less than 1 mm , %, not more 0
from 1 до 4 mm , %, not less 97
More than 6 mm, % 0
Mass fraction of cadmium, mg/kg, not more 31
Mass fraction of lead, mg/kg, not less 25
Mass fraction of arsenic, mg/kg, not more 18
Static strength of granules, MPa, not less 5
Friability, %, not less 100
Effective specific activity of natural
radionuclides, Bq/kg, not more

It is widely used as the basic, pre-sowing and especially row fertilizer for various agricultural crops at all soils and in all climatic zones.

Ammophos used to improve the phosphate regime of soils during the critical initial period of plant growth. Phosphorus is a strategic element of nutrition of agricultural plants. Especially it necessary at an early age in spring crops, when their weak root system has a low digestive capacity. The use of phosphorus in the initial period of plant growth promotes development of a healthy root system, rapid formation of shoots and leaves, and enhancement of resistance to drought and disease. Lack of phosphorus during the formation of reproductive organs in other cultures inhibits the development and delays the maturation of plants, causes a decrease in yield and a deterioration in the quality of products. Ammophos pre-sowing and in-row application are additional to the main method of using sources of easily assimilable phosphorus compounds.

On neutral and slightly alkaline soils (carbonate black earth, meadow forest calcareous, chestnut soils, gray soils) this substance creates more favorable phosphate regime in comparison with superphosphate. Ammophos is advisable to use in arid zones where nitrogen fertilizers require much less than phosphorus fertilizers. It’s also widely used in conditions of protected soil together with nitrogen and potassium fertilizers.

On the basis of ammophos any brands of mixed complex fertilizers NPK (fertilizer blends) are prepared.

Ammophos is effective fertilizer for application under rape, leguminous (peas, soybean), perennial herbs. In addition, this fertilizer has a high aftereffect and is an advantage to a significant increase of yield of the winter wheat subsequent crop.