Liquid fertilizer UAN is a solution of urea with ammonium nitrate and contains 27.7 – 32.3% nitrogen. UAN has a neutral or slightly alkaline reaction, it is a transparent or yellowish liquid with a density of 1.26-1.33 g / cm3.

Fertilizer UAN practically does not contain free ammonia, which excludes loss of nitrogen during loading, transportation, storage and application to the soil. It can be applied with the help of high-performance units without simultaneous sealing in the soil, as well as with irrigation water.

The UAN solution with a corrosion inhibitor can be transported in conventional rail tank cars and tank trucks. The crystallization temperature of UAN solutions increases with an increase in the percentage of nitrogen from -18 ° C for UAN -28 and -2 ° C for UAN -32. The freezing point of solutions of all UAN brands is minus 26 ° С. The formation of crystals and short-term freezing of solutions of UAN in storage tanks is not of great danger, since with increasing temperature the crystals dissolve and the fertilizer completely restores its properties.

To store solutions, you can use storage tanks designed for ammonia water and utilities. When filling tanks intended for ammonia water, it must be taken into account that the density of the UAN is, on the average, 1.30 g / cm3. Fill tanks with UAN solution over 80% of the volume is not recommended, as exceeding this level you can lead to deformation of capacity and loss of fertilizer.

To prevent the crystallization and corrosion of metal for the UAN solution, ammonium phosphate or liquid complex fertilizers of the LCF brand NP = 10: 34, NP = 11: 37 at the rate of 0.2% P2O5 are added.

The name of parameters Standard for the grade
UAN – 28 UAN – 30 UAN-32
1. Mass fraction of nitrogen N,% 27,7 – 28,3 29,7 – 30,3 31,7 – 32,3
2. Mass ratio between urea and ammonium nitrate 0,74 – 0,80 0,74 – 0,80 0,74 – 0,80
3. Alkalinity in terms of free ammonia,% 0,02 – 0,1 0,02 – 0,1 0,02 – 0,1
4. pH of liquid nitrogen fertilizers UAN 7,0 7,0 7,0
5. Density, kg / cm3, at 20 °C 1,265 – 1,292 1,285 – 1,316 1,306 – 1,326
6. Crystallization temperature, °C – 18 – 9 – 2

Liquid UAN can be applied to all crops, but most appropriate – for grain crops as a basic fertilizer or dosage compensation.
With the main application, Liquid UAN is a highly effective fertilizer, equivalent to ammonium nitrate urea, acting on the yield of agricultural crops.

Liquid UAN can be used under such terms and ways:
1. In the autumn – for the main treatment.
2. In spring – under the presowing treatment.
3. During the growing season of crops for root and foliar top dressing.

The norms and doses of Liquid UAN application depend on the type of culture, the time and method of introduction, the predecessor and other factors. When applying Liquid UAN, it is necessary to use sprayers for large-droplet application of liquid fertilizers.

The best time for foliar top dressing with Liquid UAN solutions is morning (in the absence of dew) and evening hours. In the cool and cloudy weather, this work can be done during the day. Do not feed plants with Liquid UAN solutions at temperatures above 20 ° C, low relative humidity (less than 56%), on a sunny day, as in these cases, burns of the leaf surface of plants. When using Liquid UAN as a foliar top dressing solution pH should be within 8-9.

Liquid UAN has a wide range of applications for basic application under plowing and pre-sowing cultivation (autumn, spring), foliar leaf, root fertilizing of plants (the growing season of agricultural crops).
In the processing of soils, various methods of application are possible: surface continuous and ribbon with subsequent embedding in the soil; Intrinsic local. The number of feedings can be different (1-3), but a single dose of nitrogen should not exceed the recommended one.

The use of tank mixtures is advisable only in those cases where, from the agrotechnical point of view, the timing and forms of processing of plants coincide with the requirements of technology for cultivating crops.