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Technical aqua ammonia (ammonia water) NH4 OH is a highly assimilable liquid fertilizer.

Aqueous 25% and 22% ammonia solution is produced in two grades – with a nitrogen content of 20.5 and 18%. Colorless or yellowish liquid with a sharp odor (ammonia). The vapor pressure is small.

Liquid nitrogen fertilizers are applied by special machines that ensure their immediate penetration to a depth of at least 10-12 cm on heavy soils and 14-18 cm on the lungs. The superficial application of these fertilizers is unacceptable, since ammonia rapidly evaporates. With a smaller embedding, significant losses are also possible, especially on light sandy and sandy loam soils. From the moist soil the loss of ammonia is much less than from the dry one.

Ammonia nitrogen is better retained by the soil than ammonium nitrogen of solid fertilizers.

The influence of ammonia water on the yield is not inferior to solid ammonium nitrate fertilizers, and even surpasses them in arid years.

Thanks to the instant assimilation of water-soluble nitrogen by plants, water ammonia is an economic and effective liquid fertilizer, and at the same time contributes to pest excretion.

Сonsidering the fact that ammonia water is a toxic liquid that can damage the mucous membrane of the eyes and the respiratory tract, while working with it, you must strictly adhere to the safety rules “when working with dangerous goods”, the rules of labor protection.

The disadvantage is its low transportability (80% of water), special machines for soil application and packaging for storage and transportation. It is more economical to use it in farms located near the producers of this type of fertilizer.

Low cost and high efficiency of nitrogen contained in it are essential advantages of this fertilizer. According to some reports, the effect of ammonia water on winter rye, barley, potatoes, corn is close to the effect of ammonium nitrate.

Item Parameter
1. Appearance Transparent colorless or yellowish liquid
2. Mass fraction of ammonia,%, not less than

In terms of nitrogen,%, not less than



3. Mass concept of carbon dioxide (СО2), g / dm3, not more than 8

Ammonia water technical (ammonia water) NH4 OH when applied to the soil can be used for all crops, with mandatory embedding in the soil to a depth of 10-15 cm, on soils of light mechanical composition – to the full depth of the plow layer.

Before sowing cereals and other crops of narrow-row sowing, it is necessary to apply a solution with machines with a narrower distribution of the salted peas (20-25 cm), when applied under field crops of a row type, ammonia solution is added to the middle of the rows or 15 to 20 cm from the rows.

Ammonia water technical – a good fertilizer for potatoes, beet, cereals and vegetables, perennial grasses. On the influence on the yield is not inferior to solid ammonium nitrate fertilizers, and in arid years even surpasses them.