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Nitroammophos 19:19:19 (NH4H2PO4 NH4NO3 KCL) is a complex universal mineral nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer with a high varied ratio of nutrients. This fertilizer ensures the proper development of plants throughout the growing season and can be mixed and applied with most pesticides.

The product is prepared on the basis of potassium nitrate, which prevents undesirable excess and accumulation of salts, it’s made from environmentally friendly raw materials, doesn’t contain sodium, chlorine and heavy metals, quickly and completely dissolves in water. The greatest effect of this fertilizer application in open ground fertigation systems is achieved on soils with low or very low content of available nutrients (sandy, heavy, acidic and alkaline soils).

Item Parameter
Surface appearance mix of crystals with granules of white color
Total nitrogen (N), %, including: 19
nitrate nitrogen, % 10,5
ammonia nitrogen, % 8,5
amide nitrogen, % 0
Mass fraction of total phosphates in terms of P2O5, % 19
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of K2O, % 19
Mass fraction of insoluble residue, %, not more 0,1
Water content, %, not more 0,3
pH (1% of water solution) 4,5
Specific electric conductivity of a water solution of 0.1%, mCm/cm 1,2
Friability, %, not less 100

Nitroammophos NPK 19:19:19 is introduced as the main and pre-sowing fertilizer on all types of soils and under all agricultural crops. This NPK is most effective on chernozems and gray soils with irrigation. During main application at chernozems and soils with heavy granulometric composition in the non-chernozem zone it’s advisable to apply nitroammophos at autumn plowing, and also in the spring on soils with light granulometric composition.

It perfectly suitable for use in greenhouse production and for foliar dressing.