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Nitroammophos 16:16:16 (NH4H2PO4 + NH4NO3 + KCL) is a complex universal mineral nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium fertilizer with a high and different ratio of nutrients. It’s a granule of light pink color. It doesn’t cake, has 100% friability and not hygroscopic. All salts, which are part of nitroammophos, are soluble in water. A high concentration of nutrients, which is at least 40% (in total nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium) allows to significantly reduce (in comparison with simple fertilizers) the costs of transportation, storage and applying into the soil.

Nitroammophos consists of ammonium nitrate, ammophos, diammophos, ammonium chloride, ammonium sulfate and potassium nitrate obtained in a single process with the interaction of ammonia, nitric and phosphoric acids with the addition of potassium chloride and potassium sulfate.

This fertilizer is produced only in granular form and has good physical and mechanical properties, it’s suitable for mechanized application into the soil.

Item Parameter
Total nitrogen (N), % 16+/-1
Mass fraction of digestible phosphorus (Р2О5), % 16+/-1
Mass fraction of water-soluble phosphates in terms of Р2O5, %, not less 10
Mass fraction of potassium in terms of К2О, % 16+/-1
Water content, %, not more (standardized at the time of shipment) 1
less than 1 mm, %, not more 3
from 1 to 4 mm, %, not less 90
less than 6 mm, % 100
Friability, % 100
Static strength of granules, MPa (kgs/cm2), not less 3 (30)
Specific activity of the amount of natural radionuclides, kBk/kg, not more 4
Mass fraction of impurities, %, not more:
cadmium 0,0002
lead 0,005
mercury 0,0002
arsenic 0,001
zinc 0,01
copper 0,02

Nitroammophos NPK 16:16:16 is applied as the main and pre-sowing fertilizer on all types of soils under all agricultural crops. This NPK is most effective on chernozems and gray soils with irrigation. During main application at chernozems and soils with heavy granulometric composition in the non-chernozem zone it’s advisable to apply nitroammophos at autumn plowing, and also in the spring on soils with light granulometric composition.