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Complex mineral fertilizers NPK (blend fertilizers) are the mix of identical in size granules of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers, while components for their manufacture are selected in such way that the granules are of the same size, so that there is no separation during transport.

Between the blend fertilizers there are different proportions of basic nutrients – nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium (N-P-K). For example, the introduction of NPK of such a UNIVERSAL formula as NPK 19:19:19, it’s possible to use for any types of crops, NRK 25:21:10 – for winter cereals, NRK 4:17:40 – for sunflower, corn, NRK 8-26-26 – for winter cereals, corn.

Complex fertilizers are subdivided into:
– by composition: double (nitrogen-phosphorus, nitrogen-potassium, phosphoric-potassium), triple (nitrogen-phosphorus-potassium);
– according to the mode of production: complex, complex-mixed (combined), mixed.

Combined fertilizers of industrial production include: potassium nitrate, ammophos, diammophos. They are obtained by chemical interaction of the original components, complex-mixed (nitrophos, nitroammophos, nitroammophoska, phosphoric-potassium, liquid complex fertilizers, etc.) fertilizers in a single technological process from simple or complex fertilizers. Mixed mineral fertilizers are obtained by mixing of simple once.

Warehouse complex in Bakhmut, Donetsk region “TRADING HOUSE” Demetra-Plus LLC is equipped with a line of one of the leading foreign producers for the production of mixed complex fertilizers NPK (blend fertilizers), with a capacity of 9,000 tons per month.

Using modern software and taking into account the possibility of mixing mineral fertilizers with more than 150 different formulas, it should be noted that the possibility to satisfy professionals’ demands, what our customers have, is quite high for “Demeter-Plus” LLC.

NPK mixes are highly effective fertilizers, which can be used at any stage of plant development. They are also economically profitable.

In the presence of soil analysis and nutritional needs of cultivated crops, NPK mixes (blends) may be more effective and plant nutrition will not be a limiting factor for achieving calculated yields.

In comparison with simple mineral fertilizers, complex and complex-mixed fertilizers characterized by a high concentration of nutrients, so the use of such blend fertilizers provides a significant reduction in the costs of the economy for their transportation, mixing, storage and insertion.